D E A D L Y   R E P E T I T I O N 
Intaglio | 2019

On the 11th October 2015, the last six towers of the residential complex called Red Road Flats were imploded at the same time in the city of Glasgow, ending a gigantic failed enterprise. What do tons of dynamite and other billions of cubic meters of concrete and twisted iron tell us about our ow society? Buildings that are born doomed to failure, huge developments that only satisfy the pockets of capital-hungry investors while thousands of people are forced to live in places devoid of any architectural and humane quality. Structures standing on the threshold, hovering over uncertain elements in a fragile and dangerous surface. They are crumbling from within, as the reality is turned upside down. 

Deadly Repetition
Intaglio | 2019
700x1000 mm
Edition 20/20

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