L A K E   S H O R E 
Intaglio | 2018

Limited Variable Edition (V.E.) of 20.
Technique: Etching and Relief Roll.
Image size:  28 x 43 cm
Paper size: 42 x 57 cm
Paper: Fabriano Rosaspina Ivory 220g/m2
Year of Creation: 2018

Lake Shore is part of a diptic together with Szkieletor. It was created in 2018 at the Intaglio Studio of the Academy of Art and Desing in Wroclaw, Poland.
    It was awarded the Mention of Honor at the Academic Exhibition “Grafika Semestru Nº11” —Academy of Art and Desing in Wroclaw 2018.

Lake Shore
Intaglio | 2018
42 x 57 cm
Edition 20/20

Lake Shore | Details

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